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Antique 3 Wheel Bicycle

The nickel-silver 3 Wheel bicycle is one of the oldest and most venerable devices for on-the-go, professional or personal transport, it's an outstanding substitute for a suitor wanting for an affordable and reliable way in the market place.

Royal Enfield 3 Wheel Bicycle

Looking for a beautiful bicycle to personalize and enjoy? Assess our royal 3 Wheel bicycle in long beach, this bike is terrific for folks who grove on to ride and pedal around town, with 20 wheels, it renders plenty of stability and is excellent for a shopper wanting for a comfortable ride. This early 1900 s Antique three Wheel bicycle is a top-rated addition to bike collection, the metal construction and artwork on the Wheel is evidence of the children's and youth's desire of rodeos and other physical activity. The bike is operated by a foot pedal and is filled with gas or oil to get it going, this bike is top-of-the-line for exploring new neighborhoods or learning new things. This vintage bicycle is a little boy bicycle, it offers a three belt seat and a white trio of tires. The bike is in very good condition and grants some age of the features are still there, the bike is only 10 years old and grants only been used seldom. This is a top-of-the-line deal at a fraction of the price of similar bikes from other brands, this Antique western flyer metal child's tricycle is an it is a favorite item of ours, because it extends an amazing three wheels and is very basic to operate. This tricycle is a top-rated addition to collection, and is a first-rate choice for admirers who enjoy using their hands to play.