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Motorized Bicycle Chopper

This Motorized bicycle kit fits a schwinn occ Motorized bicycle, it is able to reach speeds of 100 mph and pick up materials at a distance of up to 2 mph. The Chopper motor mount provides stable and efficient power that can handle any terrain.

Motorized Bicycle Chopper Ebay

This is a Motorized bicycle Chopper that is available in 100 cc, 49 cc, 66 cc, and 80 cc classes, it provides a gas motor that is compatible with both 2-stroke and power bikes. The bike also features a Chopper mount gas motor on the front wheel for facile installation, this bike is a Motorized bicycle Chopper in which a schwinn occ Chopper bicycle exhaust free chain adjusters allows the rider to operate the speed and direction of the speedometer and clock. It is able to operate with just a slow speed and a heavy chain to prevent overspeed protection, this is a Motorized bicycle clutch lever that is used to help open choppers. It is manufactured of lightweight aluminum and provides a hard coat of a finish to keep it from being effortless to put on and take off, it is again made of durable materials that will last for many years.