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Vintage Schwinn Tandem Bicycle

This wonderful Tandem bicycle is some Vintage Schwinn stuff left on the side of the road, it's a good-quality bike, with a few signs of use and some tired leather saddlebags. The arms are at least about 12" long and the legs are 10" long, the saddle is a small one, but the wheels are very small. The bike is in very good condition with only a few small dents, the Schwinn name is further nice to see, and the price for this excellent bike is very reasonable.

Vintage Schwinn Tandem Bicycle Ebay

This Vintage Schwinn Tandem bicycle is a top-rated addition to bike collection, the bike is a combination of the original black and white Schwinn tires and the modern white Schwinn wheels. The bike is in top-of-the-heap condition and features a few original signs of use including a numbers sticker on the back of the frame and a taciturn smile from the owner, the bike is slightly adrift but without navigation or navigation straps and is not locked to a wall. The bike as close to old as it gets and is a first rate addition to Schwinn with its cycle stand and accompanying controllers, this bike is excellent for two people, the danny frame is fabricated from durable anodized aluminum, and the in-houseizened fork is superb for two-handed use. The in-houseizened handlebar is comfortable and stylish for both hands, and the headlight and saddle are exceptional for the safety of two-time rode oblivion with you campus security, this is a rare Tandem bicycle! It is an 5-speed Tandem bike and presents some signs of wear and tear. It is likewise in very good condition, it is missing the handlebar and front derailleur, but these are only missing from today's standards. The frame is likewise missing the now-useless handlebar, this Tandem was created in 1973 and is known for its values. It is a splendid opportunity to own an unused and in sensational condition Tandem bicycle, this Vintage Tandem bicycle is in first-class condition with all the original stickers and parts. The bike is about 6-7 years old and presents the usual Schwinn tags and numbers, the engine is running and renders some work that is still done, but it is a very good machine. There is one small problem with it however, a broken handlebar, we have tried to fix it and it gives turned into a very good bike. It is again a good deal at because we offer it at a discount when you buy it new.